Ryan Reynolds’s Twin Gordon Is A Hilariously Huge Jerk

His ‘twin’ did the weirdest celeb roast ever

What could be better than one Ryan Reynolds? Two Ryan Reynoldses, of course.

In honor of being named GQ's Man of the Year, the Deadpool star introduced the world to his "twin brother," Gordon — whom he's apparently been hiding in the basement like Demi Lovato did with Poot — on Monday (November 14).

We don't know much about Gordon, but we do know one thing: He's a total asshole. In the video below, he roasts his twin and holds nothing back. After Ryan says, "What's up, Gordon? Looks like we got two beards in the room," Gordon swiftly replies, "Three if you count your wife." SCREAMING.

And it's all downhill from there. Gordon brings up Ryan's Man of the Year award and jokes how he "can't think of anyone more worthy" — right as the camera pans to a hilarious celeb cameo. Check out the video above.