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Riff Raff Thinks He Should Play Trump’s Inauguration And Everyone Else Should Hibernate

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The presidential inauguration is usually met with a memorable performance — see Beyoncé’s national anthem from 2013, etc. — and Donald Trump’s will likely have one, too.

Riff Raff knows that, and he just volunteered his services for a paltry sum of $50K.

In an interview with TMZ, Riff Raff said that he’s open to performing at the president-elect’s inauguration this coming January. His motivation to participate: He’s a rapper, he gets money to do that, and he needs money to make up for the amount he’s paid in taxes.

“I’ve had enough money taken from me for the government,” he told TMZ. “Why shouldn't I perform?”

Answer: 😑

He reached out to Trump directly with his proposal, saying that his performance would be “THE ONLY THiNG THAT CAN UNiTE AMERiCA AND MAKE EVERYONE PEACEFUL & END RACiSM FOR FOREVER.” He followed that up by saying that everyone should just stay inside forever.