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Halsey Is Taking A Break Until She Doesn’t Feel ‘Terrified’ Anymore

‘Send love’ in her DMs

In light of Donald Trump’s shocking win on Election Day, many celebrities have shared their feelings, concerns, and advice with fans. Halsey announced on Instagram that she’s taking a brief hiatus from the public eye until she doesn’t feel like she’s “underwater anymore.”

“[Taking a break] until I don’t feel terrified that my words on here could be misconstrued or I‘ll be violently threatened for speaking my mind,” she wrote, inviting fans to “send love” in her DMs if they’re looking for a discussion or a place to find “solace.”

The Badlands singer had previously called Tuesday a “volatile time” on Twitter and wished her followers the “best of luck in navigating this devastatingly divisive climate.”

She also joined Katy Perry, Questlove, and more with the blackout movement, which protests Trump’s victory and hateful rhetoric in the form of plain, black boxes shared across social media. “Be loud. Be angry. Be sad. Be anything but apathetic,” Halsey captioned her Instagram post.

“Send love” is the same message Halsey broadcast over all her Badlands performances following the Orlando shooting last June.