11 Inappropriate Quotes From Daniel Day Lewis (No, Not That One)

On this season's 'Mary + Jane,' Paige and Jordan's carnal canine had some awesome thought bubbles

Who let the dogs out?

During the first season of Mary + Jane, Paige and Jordan did: In between their weekly hijinks (the two experienced talking vaginas, went to rehab, took over LA for a day, met Snoop Dogg and much more), their pet pooch stole the show by expressing his often-hilarious thoughts through subtitles.

Now, with Season 1 but a memory, we're looking back at the best quotes from the dog famously known as Daniel Day Lewis (DDL, for short). Here are the top 11 -- and yes, most of them focus on his lust love for Paige. Woof!

  1. When DDL gets a lil' randy and humps Paige's leg
  2. When Jordan complains about her f*ed up mother, and DDL can totally relate
  3. When DDL discovers that Paige’s childhood rival copied the layout of Mary + Jane's website
  4. When Paige packs condoms in the event she gets lucky at Coachella
  5. When Jordan tells Paige not to worry about burglars because they have a dog
  6. When Paige announces she's following her dream of working at a fashion magazine
  7. When Paige’s virtual boyfriend doesn't seem interested in spending a weekend in the valley
  8. When Paige refuses to go to a party because her ex will be there
  9. When Jordan explains all the festivities of "420 Day"
  10. When Jordan and Paige’s extra-perceptive friend proclaims, “I'm pretty sure that dog is trying to communicate with us."
  11. When DDL discovers Paige hooked up with a random customer

Which DDL quote is your favorite? Tell us what made you LOL!