Josh Brasted/Getty Images

Sad13 Brought All The Keyboards To Deliver A Dreamy ‘Less Than 2’

Keys on keys on keys

Sad13 — a.k.a. Sadie Dupuis — took the stage at MTV's “The People's Playhouse” to perform her song “Less Than 2” with a keyboard, a synthesizer, and a microphone pumped full of echo effects. Her accompanying musician played a keytar, bringing the total key count among them to, likely, somewhere in the quadruple digits. (Maybe not scientifically precise, but there were many keys, OK?)

This turned out to be a perfect setup for Dupuis to deliver the tune from her new album, Slugger, which finds her departing the fuzzy rock of her band Speedy Ortiz for a sea of synthesizers and confessional lyrics.

Sad13 (pronounced "Sad Thirteen" like her Twitter handle because, you know, it's 2016) stuck around after to talk about the state of LGBTQ rights beyond just the outcome of today's election. “We have a presidential candidate who has bragged about assaulting women,” she told MTV, urging younger voters to get involved on the smaller grassroots levels as well as in the national political arena.

“I think there are many young voters who are voting for the first time or maybe haven't felt galvanized to vote, and I think partaking in local politics is a very good place to start.”

Watch the full performance and interview above, and tune into MTV's Election Night special, “The People's Playhouse,” right here.