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Disney Channel Fans Want Cory Baxter Back In The White House

Cory Baxter 2016

As Americans (hopefully) rush to the polls today to cast their vote for the next President of the United States, there's one candidate who isn't on the ballot. Remember when a little show called Cory in the House premiered on Disney Channel, continuing the story of Cory (Kyle Massey) and Victor Baxter (Rondell Sheridan) from That's So Raven? The internet didn't forget, that's for sure.

Fans and cast members alike referenced the Disney series in honor of Election Day. The people have spoken, America: Elect Cory Baxter for President.

  • Massey shared a Cory meme yesterday (November 7) that pretty much sums up everyone's state of mind by now.
  • His former co-star, Madison Pettis, was literally speechless when a fan tweeted, “Pls tell ur dad to run for president again.”
  • Even Vine star Hayes Grier got ~political~.

    Massey retweeted Grier, because duh.

  • Meanwhile, fellow Viner Cole LaBrant polled the American (Twitter) people.

    LaBrant also tweeted, "A vote for Cory in the house is a vote for a party every week baby."

  • The people want what the people want.

    Heck, one girl even wrote in Cory's name during her school's mock election.

  • Of course, fans reminded the internet that Cory only lived in the White House; he wasn't actually running it.

    BUT STILL. Maybe one day.