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Let Jeezy Give You The Inspiring Election Day Pep Talk You Need Right Now

‘You just have to make the right decision’

Fresh off a dynamic appearance on MTV’s Wonderland last week, Jeezy has some words about today’s election and how voting for the wrong person could cause the country to “take 100 steps back, maybe 150.” You know this already, of course, and are likely fatigued after enduring the seemingly never-ending news coverage of this election and all its maddening pivots, heel turns, and somehow not-April-Fools’-joke surprises.

Jeezy knows you’re tired. So he’s got a message to help you ride the last waves of Election Day back to the shores of sanity.

“If people didn’t get out and vote, and it doesn’t go the way that we all hope it goes, then, you know, that’s on us, because we didn’t exercise our right to vote, exercise our right to be heard,” Jeezy says in the video clip above. “I sure as hell hope the wrong person don’t get into office, and we all know who that is. You just have to make the right decision.”

Watch his full message above, and tune in to MTV’s election-night special, “The People's Playhouse,” right here.