Nick Jonas Can’t Stop Poppin’ Bottles In His Steamy New Video

So many hazy, crazy ‘Champagne Problems’

Nick Jonas has 99 problems in his new music video, and they all have to do with drinking too much.

After taking a psychedelic tour through New Orleans for “Voodoo,” Nick is back to his hard-partying antics in the hazy “Champagne Problems” vid. Inside a neon-lit nightclub where the girl-to-guy ratio is entirely unbalanced (is he the only dude in there?!), Nick and his girl chug straight from the bottle as things progressively get blurrier. He even pops a squat on the dance floor at one point, because standing just isn't an option when the room's spinning faster than a game-show wheel. Poor Nick... those champagne problems really got him good.

Check out the video below, via Tidal.

“Champagne Problems” is the latest single from Nick’s third album, Last Year Was Complicated.