True Life Update: Is Samantha Still Kicking Ass While Praising God?

Plus, find out what happened to Magdiel from the series' 'I'm In A Fight Church' episode

MTV's True Life: I'm In A Fight Church followed two young people who praise the Lord while pounding their opponents as MMA fighters. We had an opportunity to check in with Samantha and Magdiel to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


How’s your shoulder doing?

My shoulder is still pretty rough. I had a cortisone shot, which helped a lot for a bit. But it's wearing off already, so I'm due for another one. Surgery will be inevitable eventually but, for now, I'll just keep milking it.

Your dad must be happy that you decided to keep racing motocross. How do you see that fitting into your fighting career in the future?

Yeah, he's happy about it. I just couldn't stay away. It was nice having a break, but I needed it back in my life. I'll continue to balance MMA and racing as much as I can. Racing season ends in November, so I have till next march to just focus on fighting.

How are your relationships with your mom and dad at this point?

My mom and I visit each other at least once a week now, and we're really good. Things with my dad are good and continue to get better. I feel like we're really connecting better lately, for whatever reason.

Are you still with Tim? Did he propose yet?

Yes, I'm still with Tim. We're really great; I couldn't be happier. No proposals though -- we're too young for that.

Are you still very involved with Victory Church?

I still attend my normal church services as usual when my face isn't in a book studying.

Are you ready to start training again for your next fight?

I'll start training again for my next fight in December 2016 after I graduate from nursing school.


Have you scheduled your next cage match? What are you doing to train for it?

I recently declined an upcoming fight on November 5 due to a rib injury, but the next one should be coming up toward the end of December or early January.

How are things with Sherelle? When do you think you’ll propose?

Things with Sherelle and I are good. I plan on proposing next year around her birthday in July.

Have you decided to stay at the 125-lb. weight class? How’s that going?

Yes -- I feel stronger and faster in this division. The weight cut for it is becoming easier due to the fact that I'm not going crazy with eating after every fight.

How’s the empanada business going?

Empanadas are still selling like hot cakes, and I recently decided to sell them twice a week to really hold us afloat and have money in case of rainy days.

Did Sherelle find a job yet?

Sherelle did find a job but it's only a temp job, which is really weighing on her shoulders because she wants the security of a full-time job.

How are things with your dad? Do you think he’ll be moving closer to you and Sherelle anytime soon?

Things with my dad are a bit shakey, simply because he's my dad. It's hard to get him to look at things from another person's perspective. It's literally always his way or nothing at all.

Will you keep training with Paul at Victory Church?

I will keep training at Victory and continue to try and reach people to show them how awsome God is!