Can Jordan and Orlana Become BFFs Again In The Real World?

The two seemed to have a breakthrough in Seattle, but there’s much to repair

Smell might be the sense most closely tied to memory, but on tonight’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood episode, it was the sound of an old, favorite song that brought Jordan and Orlana — lapsed best friends who hadn’t spoken in a year — back together.

But was it enough to mend their friendship completely?

Since Orlana stormed this season’s Seattle house with six other bad-blood gatecrashers, both she and Jordan have seemed distant. And finally, both ladies explained to their new, respective friends how they fell out of touch: Months before the show began filming, Jordan spoke to a guy that Orlana dug, and while Jordan didn’t think it was a big deal, Orlana considered it a betrayal.

“She was my very best friend in the entire world,” Jordan said. “I miss having that friendship with the one person that I talked to everything about.”

Orlana agreed.

“We really did care for each other, and we really did look out for each other. And as time went on, I felt like that kind of disappeared,” she said.

And from where Orlana was standing, there was more to the story. The friends’ fallout wasn’t just over a guy, she argued -- it was the result of Orlana’s sense that Jordan had begun a habit of dismissing her feelings. One night, Orlana confessed to Jordan that she had become depressed and even attempted suicide. Where Orlana expected Jordan to meet her confession with compassion and understanding, she only felt judgment and curtness.

“[Jordan] was just like, 'What?'” Orlana recalled incredulously. “And I think she just didn’t look at me the same way as she did before…She’s like, ‘That’s dumb.’ She thinks there’s no excuse [to attempt suicide].”

Finally, over lunch, Orlana confronted Jordan over their fallout and the heaviness surrounding the admission in question. She said she recognized that she might not have articulated her hurt as clearly to Jordan as she’d intended to, and Jordan, responsively, recognized she could have been more sensitive.

“I think now back to that fight — you never voiced anything,” Jordan said. “I’m sad that you ever thought that I didn’t care…I’m not super-sensitive, I’m not super-emotional, so the way I might come off might be harsher. But at the end of the day, I love you. I still care for you.”

Jordan and Orlana agreed to remain in each other’s lives and attempt to repair their friendship — still, to what degree remained unclear. Both seemed optimistic, but neither seemed sure it was possible to achieve the same closeness again.

What do you think: Are Jordan and Orlana on the express track back to BFF-ship, or is there too much damage from which they can recover, and can they only ever be acquaintances again? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to a brand-new Real World Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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