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The Weeknd Sang 'Starboy' Inside A Dome Full Of Stars At The 2016 MTV EMA

‘Starboy’ sounds best inside a personal galaxy

If you're going to ask The Weeknd to perform his new single "Starboy," you'd better give him his very own galaxy in which to sing it.

That was exactly the stage setup the singer got at the 2016 MTV EMA. For the first few bars of the song, the audience couldn't even see The Weeknd inside his half-Epcot. Stars swirled around him, and then finally the dome lifted and he walked out to the edge of the stage.

The Weeknd took home a big globe of his own at this year's awards ceremony, nabbing the honor for Best Video for his new "Starboy" clip with Daft Punk. Guess he'll have to build a new trophy case to replace the one he just smashed.