Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Under Armour

French Montana And Some Tigers Are Thrilled That His New Star-Studded Album Is Finally Out

‘Look! It’s on iTunes! It’s really on iTunes!’

This is like that scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up from her dream and starts describing it to those she left behind in Kansas, except French Montana is the one with the ruby slippers, and instead of ruby slippers, it’s a full-length album that features some of the biggest rappers in the game — and a jungle cat or two, too.

French finally dropped Mac & Cheese 4 on November 5, and the tracklist includes “Figure It Out,” his collaboration with Kanye West and Nas; “No Shopping,” his song with Drake; “Xplicit,” his cut with Miguel; and “Play Yaself,” which soundtracks a sultry clip involving tigers and monkeys and some pretty sweet digs on his Instagram.

But wait, there’s more! French also dropped the video for “Xplicit” to celebrate MC4’s release, and the R&B crooner and rapper look right at home with some bathing beauties.

This is a happy day for French considering how sample clearances and logistical red tape held MC4 back, but hey: All’s well that ends well, especially if the ending involves dropping your first proper album in three years.