Katy Perry Is Just Gonna Keep Rocking Hillary Clinton–Inspired Outfits Through The Election

She’s with her, if you couldn't tell by the GIANT EMBROIDERED CAPE

The election is only two sleeps away, and Katy Perry is still adding Hillary Clinton–inspired outfits to her closet that’s already bursting at the seams with patriotic outfits.

Still, is she gonna turn down an opportunity to sport a dramatic evening gown emblazoned with “I’m with Madam President” on the back of it? Has hell frozen over just yet? Come on, now.


At a Philadelphia event on November 5, Perry threw her support once again behind the Democratic candidate, and the location was hugely important: Pennsylvania is a swing state, one of the crucial ones that HRC is hoping to win to secure the presidency, and campaigning in the City of Brotherly Love in the final leg of this presidential race requires tons of intensity.

Thankfully, Perry’s outfit rose to the occasion. (The American flag–print minidress underneath the cape totally didn’t hurt the vibe, either.) Too bad she couldn’t chase Kate McKinnon around Times Square in it last night, too.