Tim Boyles/Getty Images

DNCE’s ‘Good Day’ Is Your New Go-To Hangover Cure

Oh, Joe Jonas ... you hot mess, you

Guys, Joe Jonas had a really, really rough night last night. Now his girlfriend’s chastising him for drinking too much, his head’s in the toilet, and he’s regretting all those shots of Fireball. But even so, he’s bound and determined to have a good day.

That’s basically the premise of DNCE’s new song “Good Day,” which sucks you in from the outset with a hand-clapping beat and a sing-along-friendly chorus. From there, Joe recounts all the ways he royally fucked up the night before. “My head to my toes to my soul has been poisoned,” he sings, before optimistically continuing, “Living proof that even when your whole life has been destroyed, shit / You can still enjoy it.”

Half-slurred ad-libs (like “I’m gonna sit down for a second … I need a Bloody Mary”) are also sprinkled throughout — you know, to drive home just how hungover this dude is. Got it.

Following last week’s “Blown,” “Good Day” is the latest taste of DNCE’s self-titled debut album, which arrives November 18. Hopefully Joe’s massive hangover subsides before then.