12 More Vintage Paris Hilton Looks We Want Kendall Jenner To Bring Back

Yes, Paris Hilton is ‘vintage’ now

Last night, Kendall Jenner wore a custom dress to her 21st birthday party inspired by the very dress Paris Hilton wore to her 21st birthday over 15 years ago.

This got us thinking.

If "vintage Paris Hilton vibes" is the next big trend, what are some other iconic Paris looks we should start channeling? Here are some ideas.

  1. Waterfall Hems

    Early-2000s Paris absolutely loved dresses and skirts that had a "part of my outfit got caught in a lawnmower, but who cares, I'm chillin'" vibe.

  2. Temporary Glitter Tattoos

    If anything, NOT sticking a glitter butterfly on your chest is a waste of space.

  3. More is More

    No outfit is complete without a cowgirl hat, fur stole, and choker. Oh, and pigtails.

  4. Nintendo Gamecube as Handbag

    Paris Hilton, socialite and wearable tech innovator. Your fav could never.

  5. Open Purse on the Red Carpet

    This look says, "Yeah, I know my bag is open, but it's Chanel, so." (Sidenote: Paris really makes me miss when celebs used to carry handbags on the red carpet instead of making an off-camera lackey hold all their stuff.)

  6. Satin Two-Piece

    Why wear a cocktail dress when you can wear cocktail separates?

  7. Formal Sunglasses

    And, OK, do you see what I meant about the waterfall hems?

  8. Logo Print Dresses

    If there is one thing we can learn from Paris, it's that subtlety is overrated.

  9. Bedazzled Behinds

    In my humble opinion, the renaissance of words printed on the back of skirts and pants is nigh.

  10. Elaborate Headbands

    Omg, headbands?! Haven't heard that word in years.

  11. Red-Carpet-Ready Scarves

    You never know when you're going to encounter a slight chill and need a scarf. But Paris knows.

  12. Giant Louis Vuitton Bags

    Kendall should consult with her sister, Kim, and see if she's still got that silver bag around somewhere. The world is seriously ready for a Paris Hilton–style revolution.