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Bill Murray Took A Bottle Of Champagne To The Face Like A Champ After The World Series

‘I’ve been a Cubs fan longer than you’ve been growin’ that beard, Dex!’

The city of Chicago is celebrating today after the Cubs won the World Series for the first time in 108 years, but you're not gonna find a luckier fan than Bill Murray, who took a bottle of champagne to the face while partying with the Cubs themselves.

Murray loves the Cubs. Like, really, really loves them. The Evanston, Illinois, native has been adamantly following the last few games his hometown heroes have played — he was there when they won the National League championship, thus clinching their spot in the 2016 World Series — and he booked it to the victors' locker room after they beat the Indians on Wednesday night (November 2) in 10 innings of one of the most nerve-wracking games in baseball's history.

Fox gave Murray a microphone and a bottle of champagne, and he made exceptional use of both as he raged with the players, congratulated Cubs center-fielder Dexter Fowler, pointed out that he's been a Cubs fan for longer than Fowler's been alive, and got completely, totally doused in bubbly.

Apparently it's a "good burn," the feel of champagne blasting directly into your eyeballs. You know what else is a good burn? That which comes from the licking flames OF VICTORY.

Congrats to the Cubs on a fantastic win, and congrats to Murray, who hopefully is on his way to Chicago so he can serve as the parade's grand marshal — Ferris Bueller style.