Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for WSJ

The Weeknd’s New Album Was ‘A Thousand Percent’ Influenced By Bowie And Prince

Your suspicions are confirmed: ‘Starboy’ is a nod to ‘Starman’

In the 14 months since The Weeknd released his last album, 2015’s Beauty Behind The Madness, the world lost two musical icons in David Bowie and Prince. Now, the Canadian singer has revealed that his upcoming LP, Starboy, is “a thousand percent” inspired by the two late greats.

“I just love Bowie; I think he's the ultimate inventor,” The Weeknd said in a new interview with The Wall Street Journal, adding that his new album’s title alludes to Bowie’s 1972 classic “Starman.”

Abél Tesfaye further revealed that he was scheduled to collaborate with Prince at Paisley Park before the singer’s shocking death in April. As the WSJ article points out, the Purple One’s last televised appearance was at the American Music Awards last November, where he presented The Weeknd with an award.

The first and biggest taste of the 18-track Starboy came with its title track, a collaboration with Daft Punk, and The Weeknd had a lot to say about working with the electronic duo.

“The way they make music, the way they explain it, is very cinematic,” he said. “It’s like they’re reading a page out of a novel — ‘We want to make sure that at the end, it feels like the sun’s coming up, and maybe there’s a car chase.’”

Oh, and because we know you’re wondering, yes, Abél also addressed cutting off his signature wild ‘do: “It was a long time coming,” he said. “It didn’t feel right anymore, because it ended up becoming a trademark. I told everybody I was getting rid of it, and everybody — literally, unanimously — they were like, ‘No, don’t do it! That’s your whole thing, that’s you.’ And the way they said that, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m definitely cutting it now.’”