Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

Can You Spot Chance The Rapper In Francis And The Lights’s New Video?

No, seriously, can you?!?

This morning (November 2), Chance the Rapper tweeted that he makes a brief cameo in Francis and the Lights’s new “See Her Out” video. Watch it, Chance said. All the way until the end, he said.

So we did. We watched as the camera follows Francis walking down a Manhattan street at nighttime, then breaking into a jog, then doing a cartwheel and a backflip in the middle of a crosswalk on 5th Avenue (this is one agile dude). The Jake Schreier–directed visual is stunningly simple and impressively shot in just one take, but make no mistake, there is no Chance the Rapper in it (at least, not to the naked eye).

And you know what? That’s OK! Chance apparently just wanted to throw some support to his pal, who opened on his Magnificent Coloring World Tour, featured on Coloring Book's “Summer Friends,” and co-directed his most recent video for “How Great.” By doing so, he probably got a lot of fans to watch a video and listen to a song they might not have otherwise — and that's a pretty cool thing. Good for him, and good for Francis.

Bottom line: Just watch the video, OK?? Chance will be happy you did.