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Lady Gaga’s Ballad Version Of ‘Perfect Illusion’ Might Be Better Than The Original

If you thought that key change was dramatic before...

Fresh off her rowdy Dive Bar Tour, Lady Gaga decided to take a more bare-bones approach for her latest live performance.

While appearing on the Japanese show Sukkiri, Gaga turned her lead Joanne single, “Perfect Illusion,” into a massive piano ballad. (So, yes, this is good news for haters like Patrick Carney who really, really hate the original version’s guitars.) Wearing her now-signature pale pink hat — a style staple of her Joanne era — Gaga belts with all her might, sounding like she’s going to burst into tears at any moment. But she doesn’t — she keeps right on singing, and gives one hell of a dramatic final note that’ll give you chills.

After the performance, Gaga explained what motivated her to give “Perfect Illusion” such a drastic, stunning makeover.

“I used to always be afraid to show certain sides of myself. But with this music, I cannot hide. Because I wrote it from this deepest parts of my soul,” she explained. “There’s days when you just are with yourself and your thoughts, and you think to yourself, ‘What am I really feeling? Where is the pain exactly?’ So every time I sing the song it’s different because I’m always trying to go to that place.”

We are SO HERE for all the different versions you have to offer, Gaga. Keep ‘em coming.