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Gigi Hadid Let Her White Coat Touch The Disgusting Streets Of NYC

She can explain

We've already applauded Gigi Hadid's enviable ability to turn the streets of New York into her own personal runway. But yesterday she truly treated the sidewalk like a catwalk, instead of cement covered in unidentifiable puddles.

Behold, her bravest act yet:

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She's wearing a white coat that is dragging on the streets of NYC!!!! White!!!! Dragging!!!! NYC!!!

If your face is all 😬, you're not alone.

Gigi was on the Today Show this morning, where Matt Lauer expressed how 😬 seeing these photos made him feel. She tried to explain why she did it, saying, β€œThe coat came off the runway already dirty. So I got it as that piece. Then I walked across the street for coffee. I only walked across the street. That’s literally the farthest I went all day yesterday on my day off.”

Gigi, there is a different between runway-dirty and NYC-dirty, even if you're just going for coffee. But I guess when every street is your runway, it's easy to forget that.