Do Jordan and Mike Have The Makings Of A Classic Real World Couple?

The 'Bad Blood' twosome is exploring the laws of attraction

As the bad blood continues to spill on Real World, the show’s own love potion has potentially sprung a small leak too.

On tonight’s episode, while cousins Theo and Kass continued to drift apart, two of the show’s original housemates — Mike and Jordan — found themselves in each other’s gravitational pull. Jordan outright rejected Mike’s earlier advances and said she wasn’t interested in him, but as time marched on, she couldn’t deny she’d grown fond of the former Are You The One? contestant. At one point, she and Mike lay next to each other in bed, and Jordan explained that if Mike was serious about his interest, he had to demonstrate it respectfully.

“Mike and I vibe,” Jordan conceded. “I don’t know exactly what it is -- I’m just close to him. Do I trust Mike completely? No.”

So Mike made a point to approach Jordan delicately. He said he wasn’t used to having to work so hard to get a girl’s interest and that Jordan’s initial rebuff knocked him off balance.

“I don’t ever really get rejected,” he said. “This might come off the wrong way, but I get what I want. I’ve gotten what I wanted no matter any situation.”

Katrina, too, had doubts about the potential couple but said there’s ultimately no explaining the laws of attraction.

“I don’t know -- they never really hit it off in the beginning, so it’s weird that they’re hitting it off now,” she said. “But if she likes him, she likes him…Doesn’t matter to me.”

The only problem seemed to be there was no saying for sure whether Jordan did like Mike — Mike felt like he was continuing to get mixed signals from his crush. Where one conversation with Jordan seemed completely promising, she’d appear to be a little standoffish the next. And when Mike (unsuccessfully) tried to flirt with Jordan via text during separate guys’ night and girls’ night adventures, he began to feel like he was banging his head against the wall.

“I think I’ve expressed my interest in Jordan to her a couple times, but it just doesn’t really go anywhere,” he said.

What do you think — could Mike and Jordan sincerely have some chemistry between them, or is Jordan leading him on? Share your thoughts, and see if these two progress on the next Real World episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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