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The Vampire Diaries Is Literally Going To Hell In This Exclusive Clip

The Devil would like his pitchfork back now, Alaric

What happens in the Armory, stays in the Armory — unless you're Alaric and Georgie. The unlikely Vampire Diaries duo are on a mission to figure out the origins of the mysterious artifact they found in the Armory, and as per usual, Ric has some ulterior motives he's not ready to share with the occult studies intern.

In this exclusive clip from this week's episode of The Vampire Diaries (“You Decided That I Was Worth Saving”), Season 8 newbie Georgie (Allison Scagliotti) approaches Alaric with her theory about the hellish artifact. As a survivor of Hell herself, Georgie thinks the possible pitchfork they found belongs to the Devil. Now, if only Ric knew how to properly use it...

Honestly, stranger things have happened on this show, and if this magical weapon helps Ric break the siren's spell that has Damon and Enzo terrorizing the West Coast, then yes, let's believe that this mysterious blunt object belongs to the Devil. This season is literally going to hell.