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Chris Evans’s Movie With His IRL Girlfriend Drops First Trailer

‘Gifted’ introduced Evans to Jenny Slate

Chris Evans’s newest film doesn’t involve civil wars, crime fighting, or shields — but it does involve a super uncle.

In Gifted, which dropped its first trailer on Tuesday (November 1), Evans plays a devoted uncle to niece Mary (Mckenna Grace), whom he is raising as his own. When it’s revealed that Mary is a genius, the girl’s grandmother (Lindsay Duncan) comes out of the woodwork and dives headfirst into a viscous custody battle with her own son.

Jenny Slate plays Mary’s teacher and, coincidentally, is Evans’s real-life girlfriend. (See? Love isn’t dead just yet.) The couple was confirmed by People in May and met while filming Gifted. Evans said on Anna Faris’s podcast, “Unqualified,” in April that he and Slate were “the same animal.” Whatever that means.

Check out the sweet, sappy trailer below.

Gifted premieres in theaters April 12, 2017.