Coming Clean: Amber's Fiancé Matt Finally Addresses His Teen Mom OG Controversies

For starters, find out what he has to say about that 'infamous' Farrah tweet

Ever since Amber unveiled her new love interest (and eventual fiancé) Matt in the early part of Teen Mom OG Season 5, Leah's mama's relationship has understandably been a major part of her life. But unfortunately for the couple, the two confessed that the tabloids reporting negative stories personally affects them.

However, the Bostonian wanted to put an end to the toxic attention and rumors, and during tonight's episode, he decided that he wanted to offer an unfiltered look inside of his life -- in the form of a tell-all book.

"This is the perfect time for me to tell the truth about everything in my own words," Matt stated while on a New York visit to chat about the project with a publisher. "Maybe it will clear things up with some people -- and if nothing else, it's going to be therapeutic for Amber and I."

But before any of his stories get put into a hardcover, Matt opted to clear the air on some controversial topics. Here are the three main takeaways:

  1. Pursuing Farrah

    Matt's social media communication with Sophia's mama had been a topic of conversation between the young women. But the seemingly flirtatious message to Farrah -- and the notion that he wanted to be with her -- was not accurate. "This is the truth about the infamous Farrah tweet," he elaborated. "I was at a poker game; somebody had mentioned Farrah Abraham's porn. He said, 'Let's see if she has a Twitter.' There was a tweet from Farrah that said something to the effect of, 'I'm so sick of the online dating thing' -- I don't remember what it said. He wrote, 'Oh Farrah, I'll take you to dinner sometime.' On record, I did not write that."

  2. Exaggerating his length of sobriety

    When Matt began his TMOG tenure, he was not honest about how long he had been completely clean. "I had tried to get sober; I had relapsed a few times," he explained.

  3. Meeting Amber

    Pivoting off the previous point: Matt was using during his first face-to-face encounter with the Indiana native. "When we got together, he wasn't sober and I knew it," Amber admitted. "I can say that he would not have been sober if it wasn't for me because I took those f*cking pills and poured them down the toilet and threw it at him."

Which confession stands out to you the most? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Amber and Matt on Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.