Teen Mom OG Remembrance: How Farrah Has Kept Derek's Memory Alive

Sophia's father is tragically gone -- but far from forgotten

Farrah is sadly the only teen mom whose child does not have a father who can watch his child flourish. But even though Derek -- who died in a car accident while the 25-year-old was still 16 and pregnant -- is not alive to witness Sophia's milestones, his dad Jerry and other family members are a part of the little girl's growth.

During this week's episode, Farrah and Soph traveled to Missouri to spend some time with Jerry and other loved ones, and the gang took some photographs with a portion of a highway dedicated to the late teen.

"I'm so thankful for all of you and having you in our lives," Farrah gushed about the unique relationship.

Derek's history and the group's commitment to ensure Sophia knows about her parent has been chronicled throughout the long-running series. Initially, Farrah did not divulge that her former boyfriend had tragically passed away -- but during an emotional therapy session during Season 2, she unearthed a painful secret about her past. She did not hold back anything about this unthinkable incident -- and, for the first time, viewers saw her truly grieve this tremendous loss.

"I'm upset about it every day; I think about it every day," she tearfully explained, while adding that she received no support from her clan while mourning his death.

From there, Farrah continued to open up about Derek and his legacy -- and during Season 3, she united with Derek's relatives and took Sophia to the cemetery where he was laid to rest several years prior.

"This is your daddy's grave," she calmly told her toddler. While Sophia was too young to comprehend what was unfolding around her, the trip was significant -- and paved the way for a bunch of visits that continue to this day.

And these memories undoubtedly help Sophia feel closer to the young man she never got the chance to meet -- and help Farrah find comfort that her mini-me will know her daddy through his loving family. If you would like more information about dealing with a loss, or to find resources for getting help, please visit HalfofUs.com -- and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG every Monday at 9/8c.