Natt Lim

Halsey’s Bloody Halloween Costumes Required 3 Different Wigs

Four costumes, three wigs, zero regrets

Sorry, Ariana Grande, but you're not the only singer who cycled through four different costumes this Halloweekend. Halsey celebrated with the same number of spooktacular looks, beginning on Friday (October 28). First up? A sweet angel, the most innocent outfit of the bunch.

Next she splashed blood all over herself as Beatrix Kiddo, The Bride from Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill. It was the perfect attire for her Tarantino-themed party, where she hung out with 5 Seconds of Summer. Here she is threatening drummer Ashton Irwin.

Then came Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, complete with colorful pigtails, matching eye shadow, and carefully smudged lipstick.

On actual Halloween, however, Halsey ditched the wig and embraced her natural short buzz cut. She went as Eleven, the psychokinetic star of Netflix's Stranger Things. Eleven rocks short hair throughout the series, so this is the perfect costume.

Halsey's old Twitter bio was even spot-on: "like eleven from stranger things but sorta grown up." Clearly she stans Eleven just as hard as her fans stan her.

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