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Taylor Swift Borrows Ryan Reynolds’s Actual Deadpool Suit For Halloween

T. Swift comes out of hiding dressed as a foul-mouthed superhero

Taylor Swift has been keeping a low profile these past few months, following her amicable split from Tom Hiddleston, but if there's one thing the "Style" singer loves, it's holidays — especially Halloween. So it's no surprise that she took to Instagram on October 31 to share her kick-ass costume with the world. After all, Halloween isn't complete without an appearance from our favorite pegahorn enthusiast.

Who knew T. Swift was such a Deadpool fan? Maybe it's their mutual appreciation for Bea Arthur and chimichangas, or perhaps Swift just really loves to drop F-bombs behind closed doors while listening to Salt-N-Pepa, but one thing is for sure: Swift's suit is legit. In fact, she borrowed it from the Merc With a Mouth himself, Ryan Reynolds. It must be nice to have foul-mouthed superhero friends, Tay.

"Thanks [Ryan Reynolds] for this costume," she captioned the photo on Insta. "You're the BEST Deadpool inside contact ever." (OK, you don't need to rub it in!)

Swift also posted a series of photos her and her superstar squad coven having some Halloween fun in her New York City apartment. The lineup included Gigi Hadid as a Cub Scout, birthday girl Kennedy Rayé as a cat, Lily Donaldson as a space cadet, Emmie Gundler as a black swan, Victoria’s Secret model Martha Hunt as Marcia Brady, and Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello as a grandmother looking for her cat. (She's sitting on the cat. Poor Meredith.)

You win again, Swift. But here's the real question: Have you mastered your superhero landing?