Watch Ariana Grande Lose All Her Chill Inside An AHS Haunted Maze

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Ariana Grande, noted fan of spooky spots, got a little more terror than she bargained for when Ellen DeGeneres suckered her into walking through a haunted house.

Well ... “walking” maybe isn’t the best way to describe how Ari travels through the maze. “Walking two steps, falling down, getting up, then falling down again” is really more accurate.

For a Halloween-themed episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing today (October 31), Ariana and Ellen producer Andy Lassner buddied up to brave the American Horror Story maze at Universal Studios’ Horror Nights. Ari’s totally chill at the beginning, deciding, “it’s not bad” upon entering the maze. But by the time the first demon approaches, her feet give out and she’s down for the count. A lot of frantically flung “F-bombs” and accusations of abandonment follow over the next few minutes — it might even give you some secondhand chills. *BeWaRe!*

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