See The Stranger Things News Report About Barb’s Disappearance

Plus, a ‘vagrant juvenile’ robbed a local grocery store

Hawkins, Indiana, has many secrets, and only those who’ve seen Stranger Things know what hides within that sinister laboratory Eleven grew up in. Everyone else, meanwhile, watches the nightly news to stay updated on all things Hawkins. Will Byers's mysterious disappearance was the town's top story for most of the Netflix series, but — spoilers! — what about Barbara “Barb” Holland?

Barb was also kidnapped by the Demogorgon, yet Nancy Wheeler was the only character freaking out about her best friend's sudden departure — until today. On Halloween, Netflix released a fictional news broadcast covering Barb's disappearance and a “vagrant juvenile” who shoplifted “an unprecedented number of Eggo waffles.”

In the “Minute by Minute” segment below, Brenda Wood — a real-life TV anchor based in Atlanta, by the way — reports that Barb was last seen wearing “an oversized pair of absolutely fantastic glasses” at Steve Harrington's house. She was also known to “really rock a pair of mom jeans or as we call them now, jeans.”

Wheeler didn't respond to Wood's request for comment — she was likely too busy fighting for her life in the Upside Down — but other students described Barb as “loyal to a fault.” Sob.