Madea Totally Slayed Inferno And Every Other Movie At The Halloween Box Office

The latest ‘Da Vinci Code’ flick can't keep up with Tyler Perry

America’s Dad can win our hearts, but he can’t beat Madea at the box office on Halloween weekend, even if he’s got an intergalactic hero in the making by his side.

The Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones–featuring Inferno — the latest Dan Brown crime drama of the Da Vinci Code ilk — was no match for Tyler Perry’s seasonal comedy, which trounced the competition at the Halloween box office to the tune of $16.7 million in its second weekend in theaters.

Boo! A Madea Halloween beat Inferno by a cool $1.7 million, and it was shown on nearly 1,300 less screens, proving that audiences are down for some holiday hilarity and Tyler Perry trotting out his big-haired alter ego and that even the might of The Da Vinci Code can’t keep its third chapter from floundering.

In short: If you’re gonna hit the movies in the days leading up to Halloween, you’re not alone if you’re going for the scarier pick, even if “scary” involves watching Madea make short work of an unlucky dude in a jack-in-the-box costume.