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The Smash Mouth/Oakland Athletics Twitter Feud Is The World Series Of Petty

Nobody’s acting like an ‘All Star’ here, guys

OK. We get it. It’s an emotional time, the World Series has baseball fans on edge, and everyone’s acting a little kooky thanks to Halloween. That’s no excuse to be mean to your favorite baseball team or Shrek soundtrack contributor!

Smash Mouth and the Oakland Athletics duked it out, trading 140-character insults and hurting feelings across the internet after the “All Star” rockers said that a former A’s player was better off without them.

Pro tip: If you call someone a “joke,” they’re not gonna take it like one.

A choice cut from the exchange: Smash Mouth said that the A’s need to rep the Bay Area better, because their fans deserve that; the A’s swiftly cut that notion down by saying that Smash Mouth’s fans graduated 18 years ago and grew up and they “should do the same.” Eeeeesh.

After a couple of hours, the A’s pitcher, Sean Doolittle, eventually intervened in an attempt to patch things up between the band and the team that had apparently disappointed them. And by “patch up,” he quoted lines from the Monkees song Smash Mouth covered for Shrek in 2001.

That didn’t help; Smash Mouth are adamant A’s haters, and the A’s responded by poking fun at Smash Mouth’s relevancy, which resulted in an avalanche of Shrek jokes and photos of everyone’s favorite green Scottish giant.

Between this, the death of Vine, and the Cudi/Drake beef, is Twitter just a big pile o’ negative vibes this week? Bring the jokes back, internet.