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Kylie Jenner Served Eyeball Martinis At Her Spooktacular Dinner Party

Those margaritas came out of WHAT now?!

Halloween weekend has begun, and Kylie Jenner went all out to throw a supremely creepy dinner party for her fam and friends. Skulls? Check! Goth wardrobes? Check! Food and drinks that look totally gross but taste delicious? She had all her bases covered.

She and Tyga didn’t just dress up, but rocked full makeup looks that made them look positively undead.

A full menu was served featuring “Rotten Tomato” soup and chocolate ice cream desserts that looked like caskets, but that was nothing compared to the bar, which involved way-too-realistic eyeball martinis and blood-red margaritas you had to suck up through syringes.

Kendall Jenner was more than happy to give the cocktail a test run.

Looks like the Jenner sisters definitely got the “treat” part of trick-or-treat down!