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Charli XCX Can’t Stop The Party On Her New Track With Lil Yachty

‘After the Afterparty’ is the first single from her next album

Charli XCX has shared the first single from her next album, and it features a guest verse from her new favorite rapper, Lil Yachty.

On “After the Afterparty,” Charli stays hungry for a good time that just doesn’t ever seem to stop. “Monday to Sunday, it’s never too late / So everyone say ‘we don’t wanna stop,’” she sings.

Like her recent Vroom Vroom EP, the new single gets its beat from U.K. producer Sophie. By the end of the song, Charli and Yachty’s voices start to glitch out, as though that after-after-party is starting to wear on them after all.

In the song’s YouTube description, Charli also extended an invitation to her Halloween party to her fans — if their costumes are spooky enough. “Tag me in ur costume pics and if u look creepy af i’ll drop you a lil invite,” the singer wrote.

Dress up creepy, and you too could be in on the party that never, ever ends.