Brian Ach/Getty Images

Teyana Taylor Has Launched A Fitness Program So You Can Get Her ‘Fade’ Bod


When Kanye West debuted his “Fade” video at the VMAs in August, it wasn’t ’Ye who earned the most attention. That honor went to Teyana Taylor, whose sweaty dance routine spawned collective jaw dropping, insuppressible envy, and GIFs and memes galore. It also left everyone with one puzzling question: “How does she do it?!”

Two months and one more Kanye video later, Taylor is ready to spill her secrets. The 25-year-old singer, dancer, and actress has launched a fitness program, aptly titled “Fade 2 Fit,” which’ll supposedly help whip you into “Fade”-caliber shape. She made the announcement on Instagram with another video showing off her mesmerizing moves and a convincing message: “DONT SLEEP ON DANCE!!”

Taylor says the program will include “dance workouts and behind the scenes footage of my workout choreography that I did to get back in shape after having baby Junie.” Yep, in case you forgot, this woman gave birth to a daughter in December, a mere 10 months ago. Just take all our money now, T.