True Life Update: Has David Finally Had His Very First Orgasm?

Plus, find out if Aiden has made any progress in his sex life

MTV's "True Life: I Can't Have An Orgasm" followed two young men who are striving to have a healthy sex life. We had an opportunity to check in with David and Aiden to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


Have you been able to have any orgasms since we finished filming?

I have been able to have orgasms since filming. Upon discovering what works best for my own personal pleasure, it has become a lot easier to reach "The O" and also be able to experience that feeling a lot easier thanks to a bigger sex drive. It is something I crave to do more often than I ever did before.

Are you still taking testosterone?

I am still taking testosterone. I have switched from injections to a pill called Clomiphene, which I take every other day. It is meant to treat infertility in women; however, in men, it boosts testosterone production naturally. I still feel the same results that I was getting from the injections, but this method is a lot easier, cheaper and safer.

Have you gone on any more dates?

I did go on more dates! I ended up going on dates with my friend Monica, who you met at the water park and rock-climbing gym. I wanted to be more than friends, and for once I was not friend-zoned! We've only kissed, and I have not gone to the next base at all. I take things slow.

Now that you’ve graduated college, are you going to stay in Salt Lake City for a while? Is it easy to date there?

I now have a full-time job in Salt Lake City which I am committed to and will be staying here saving up money for whatever my next endeavor will be. This city is a difficult one to date in because of different religious beliefs, but it definitely has a large melting pot of people to choose from. There is definitely a lot to do here, so there is no reason to not have something to do on a date.

Have you made any progress with feeling sexually attracted toward other people?

Before dating Monica, I was totally feeling sexually attracted toward other people. And it was a new feeling that I had not experienced before. More than just, "Oh, that girl is attractive!"

At this point, do you think you’ll eventually be able to find the intimate relationship that you’re seeking?

Now that I am a newly confident individual and have a better understanding of myself, I feel like finding an intimate relationship will become a lot easier for me. I am just taking my current relationship slowly and continuing when I feel the time is right. But yes, I am still a virgin.


Are you still living in Brooklyn, and do you think you’ll join Zac in the near future?

Zac and I are both living and working in Nashville until next spring.

Have you been making progress on the orgasm front?

Yes! With the reduced medication and meditation, I have had success having more orgasms.

How are things with Zac in general? Do you think your marriage will survive the orgasm problem?

So far, so good. There's an adjustment period living together under the same roof again, and we are working on deeper issues now that my orgasm issue has lessened.

Have you continued taking the tea or having acupuncture?

I haven't. The tea was not very tasty, and I haven't looked into a new acupuncturist in Nashville yet.

Are you continuing with the half dosage of Zoloft? Is it affecting your ability to concentrate and get things done?

I am continuing the half dosage, and I don't get the full benefit I used to.

Are you and Zac continuing to see the therapist?

We are currently looking for one that will work with us in Nashville.

How is the house renovation going?

The hallway wall is done, but there is much left to do. Currently, we have the house on the market.