Zayn Predicted The Off-The-Shoulder Jacket Trend At A Remarkably Young Age

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, he talks about being a baby trendsetter

Zayn may be just starting to make a name for himself in the fashion world, but he's been taking style risks since he was a schoolboy.

In an excerpt from his upcoming book, Zayn explains that he was sporting the half-jacket look long before any Jenner or Hadid.

I’ve always had a bit of an individual style, even when I was a kid — for real. I hated school uniforms, and all the rules, having to wear a tie and shit. But when I sussed out that there were no rules regarding how we wore our school blazers, I would walk around the place with one arm in a sleeve, the other out, with my jacket dangling over a shoulder.

He then reveals that the fame of being in One Direction made him self-conscious and hesitant to try out new looks:

"But then being so much in the public eye at a young age, I got a bit nervous to take many risks. I wasn’t so keen to step outside my comfort zone or think outside the box on what I was wearing."

I dunno about that, Zayn. You were certainly always the best-dressed member of One Direction, IMHO. Like when you wore a turtleneck to the 2013 AMAs. That was a bold move that certainly paid off.