Girl Meets World’s Eric Matthews Announces He’s Running For President

Putting the ‘Eric’ back in ‘AmERICa’

Forget Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, because there's a new candidate running for president. Eric Matthews (Will Friedle), the lovable goof from both Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World, shared his hilarious campaign video Wednesday (October 26), and it's safe to say he's got our vote. Unsurprisingly, his political party's mascot is the squirrel, as evidenced by his presidential sign.

As junior senator for the State of New York, and former mayor of St. Upidtown, NY, Eric definitely knows a thing or two about the political game. Urging people to vote on November 8, Eric dons a tiny hat and spreads his message to everyone he meets — including a surprisingly "vicious" dog who has no time for political chitchat. Check out the clever video below.