YG’s New Video Is A Graphic Wake-Up Call About Police Brutality

See his gritty ‘One Time Comin’’ vid

A day after debuting the anti-police brutality “One Time Comin’,” YG has shared the track’s provocative video.

What we see is a tale of two police chases: one involving an anonymous black man being chased by cops on foot, and one where YG leads police cruisers on a high-speed race through the desert. The contrast is stark and scary: the Compton rapper is defiant, confidently accelerating his Rolls Royce and fearlessly giving his pursuers the middle finger. The other chase, however, is alarming and ultimately ends in tragedy, as we’ve seen too many times before.

The video ends with the message: “Our condolences go out to all the families who have lost innocent 1s to police brutality. Rest in paradise.”