Pusha T And Tim Kaine Are Fast Friends On The Campaign Trail

King Push And T. Kaine talk reform, activism, and more in Miami

Tim Kaine isn't just your democratic vice presidential candidate, but America's most delightful and easily delighted dad (besides Tom Hanks, of course).

Do you know another dude who'd greet Pusha T with “Two Virginia guys in Miami, Florida! It couldn't get better?!” Of course you don't. And that's just one of the reasons why this conversation between the rapper and politician is great.

At Miami's Liberty City block party, King Push introduced Kaine before sitting down with Hillary Clinton's VP pick to discuss the election and why he and Clinton prove that we're stronger together. The historic significance of the 2016 election was discussed, and Kaine and Pusha went back and forth about the reforms that are necessary for us to tackle in the coming years — namely regarding the criminal justice system, education, healthcare, and more — while highlighting what sets 2016 apart from previous election years.

Pusha mentioned that he thought he'd never see the day when a black man would be elected President of the United States, and that opened up the conversation to what Obama's election and Clinton's campaign could potentially have in common.

"Just like the election of President Obama moved us forward as a nation, because there had never been an African-American president, the election of Hillary Clinton will move us forward as a nation, because there's never been a woman president," said Kaine. "So, while there are still challenges out there, those challenges only get tougher if those of us who have progressive values and believe in equality don't get out on the field and really push."

Kaine didn't let Pusha T go without doling out some endorsements and compliments of his own, and made sure to draw attention to the rapper's activist efforts. All told, this is a four-minute clip of positive vibes that stress exactly why you need to get your butt to the polls November 8 (or better yet, pull a Katy Perry and vote early).