True Life Update: Has The Person Who Shot JaMarrius Finally Been Apprehended?

Plus, find out if Maggie has healed from her own near-death experience

MTV's "True Life: I've Been Shot" followed two young people who are recovering from a recent gunshot wound, both physically and mentally. We had an opportunity to check in with JaMarrius and Maggie to see how their lives have changed since filming wrapped. Take a look at our follow-up Q&A below:


How are you doing?

Physically, I’m still in pain at times. Emotionally, there are more good days than bad but it’s hard not to wonder if it will happen again.

Since True Life finished filming, were any of the people involved in your shooting arrested? What’s the latest in your case?

They arrested the female involved. She’s awaiting trial. The other remaining suspects are still at large.

How do you think race might have played a role in how your shooting was handled?

I think if I were another race, there would have been more of a sense of urgency. They caught one suspect due to me tracking her on social media. Not great police work, although the marshals in Colorado apprehended her quickly after my lead.


How are you feeling, both physically and emotionally?

Physically, I'm still not 100% yet. The doctor said my bone is fully healed, but my quad and gluteus medius are weak. I'm not just doing therapy now, but I go to the gym. The weather kills me (causing pain). I'm not back in heels yet or running, and my knee gives out sometimes. Mentally, I'm anxious to just be fully back but still sleeping late, moody, and nervous in crowds.

During filming, you said you weren’t following the legal proceedings in your case so you could concentrate on your recovery. Have you looked into the criminal proceedings against the person who is alleged to have shot you?

I still haven't looked into who shot me, but I'm sure nothing new came out yet. A trial is awaiting, I believe.

Have you been writing and recording music?

Yes, I've been writing music. I'm going to get back in the studio this weekend. My music can be found on YouTube under Maggie Carrie.