Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

YG Keeps Railing Against Police On ‘One Time Comin’’

Dedicated to victims of police brutality

After railing against Donald Trump on “FDT” and venting his rage on “Police Get Away Wit Murder,” YG is continuing to use social and political unrest to color his music. The Compton rapper tweeted two days ago that he has “new tunes on the way,” and he made good on that promise today (October 25) with “One Time Comin.’”

As its cover art reveals, the uptempo track is dedicated “in loving memory to the victims of police brutality.” YG continues establishing himself as a street-level activist, advising people to “stay strapped, stay cautious” over whining, siren-like synths. He also calls out racist, trigger-happy cops, rapping, “Young n***a ain’t tryna see the coffin / You think you hard with your badge, huh? / Pop you a n***a, then you laugh, huh? / Think our life don’t matter?”

“One Time Comin’” is YG’s first new single since his socially conscious sophomore album, Still Brazy, dropped in June. Following the song’s release, he tweeted that a mixtape is on the way as well, so it sounds like we’ll be hearing more heat soon.