A Very ‘Skillset’ Halloween: Welcome To High School Hell

This week we’re joined by a real witch and a real ‘American Honey’ to talk ‘The Craft,’ ‘Jawbreaker,’ and ‘Final Destination’

The power of Manon compels you to listen to this wicked new episode of “Skillset.” As you heard last week, this season is dedicated to high school movies: the crushes, the classmates, and the clothes. But because it’s the week before Halloween, today we’re going to talk about the sinister side of high school: witches, murder, and kids who get stalked by death. First up, real-life witch Meagan Fredette tells us why The Craft cast a spell on so many magical young women. Then American Honey star Sasha Lane celebrates her favorite high school movie: the popular-chicks-turned-murderers black comedy Jawbreaker. Finally, classics instructor Lucas Herchenroeder changes the way you see Final Destination. It’s not just a franchise where a bunch of hot teens die horrible deaths. It’s a modern-day Greek tragedy.

That’s all in this week’s episode of “Skillset.” Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher, and if you learned something new — like I know I did — give us a rating. Class is now in session.