Teen Mom OG Uncertainty: How Should Catelynn And Tyler Proceed With Brandon And Teresa?

During tonight's episode, the couple discussed their desire to visit Carly

Catelynn and Tyler have openly discussed their relationship with Carly as well as her parents Brandon and Teresa since the group made their MTV debut on 16 and Pregnant. But during tonight's Teen Mom OG episode, Cate and Ty were faced with a blast from the past relating to the adoption agreement they had reached with their little girl's family back in 2009.

But before they were reminded of their long-ago decision, Novalee's parents celebrated their one-year anniversary and could not help but reflect that their nuptials was the last time they saw Carly. Texts from Cate to Teresa regarding a visit went unanswered, and Tyler suggested that they should discuss this difficult topic with their longtime adoption counselor Dawn. And when they saw Dawn, she brought previous paperwork in the hopes of reminding the duo of the terms they had decided on when they signed over their parental rights to Brandon and Teresa.

"You said no to face-to-face and that visits with the adoptive family in the future [would] be initiated by Catelynn and Tyler and at the discretion of the adoptive family as they determine what is in the best interest of Carly," Dawn read from her documents, while emphasizing the "discretion" portion of the formal understanding.

Dawn advised that the two should move on from this specific exchange and try to initiate another type of chat not pertaining to the sensitive subject. But the suggestion stirred up a lot of emotion from Cate, who was reduced to tears.

"It's just about going back to that time period," she helplessly stated, while sobbing. "I didn't know what I knew now."

How should Catelynn and Tyler proceed with Brandon and Teresa? Do you think they should take Dawn's advice and move forward, or should they continue the visit discussion? Share your thoughtful words in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG to see how this delicate situation unfolds.

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