These Real World Cast Members Hooked Up With More Than One Roommate

Can you say love triangle?

Having sex Locking lips in the Real World house is now a natural occurrence (remember when Real World: Hawaii vets Colin and Amaya were the first roomies to have a televised romantic connection?) -- but a select few cast members found themselves in an intimate situation with more than one former stranger. And now this rare incident has occurred yet again, courtesy of some bad blood. There's something in the Seattle air...

During this week's episode, Mike's former friend Peter severed ties with his makeout buddy Anna (Katrina's sis) -- only to wind up smooching Robbie's ex Jennifer. And in honor of this latest brewing love triangle, we're taking a fond look back at other RW alums who got lucky with multiple housemates. Relive the PDA-filled moments below -- and be sure to keep watching Real World Seattle: Bad Blood every Wednesday at 10/9c to find out what happens between Peter and Jenn!

  1. Trishelle from Real World: Las Vegas

    The Southern belle may have spent the majority of her Sin City time with newly divorced Steven, but who could forget that night in the hot tub with her aforementioned beau and Brynn (for old times sake, it's above) -- as well as a few kisses with Frank?

  2. Alex from Real World: Denver

    The former swimmer was (separately) intimate with Colie and Jenn -- in the same booze-fueled evening. A rare feat, which you can see for yourself above.

  3. Ayiiia from Real World: Cancun

    The then-22-year-old was intimate with three temporary Mexico-based transplants: Jonna, Emilee and, most surprising of all, one-time adversary Joey (relive their one-night stand romp above).

  4. Dustin from Real World: Las Vegas

    The Louisianian was immediately drawn to Heather (they're getting it on in the club above) -- but when he hit a rough patch with the blond beauty, he gravitated toward newbie Cooke. Eventually, though, Dustin and Heather reconciled and dated for a few years post-RW (before calling it quits).

  5. Jenny from Real World: Ex-Plosion

    To be fair, one of the men was the lovable castie's on-again off-again boyfriend Brian (their sexual tension is on full display above) -- but before his shocking arrival, Jenny really bonded with Corey.

  6. Kailah from Real World: Go Big or Go Home

    The aspiring journalist flirted/slept with Dione, got a bit physical with Dean (the interaction is above) and swapped spit got to know late addition Dylan.