Was Tyara Dissed By Her Real World Roomies?

The 'Bad Blood' cast member felt abandoned by her peers yet again

The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood cast has proven there’s hardly need for Season 32’s twist — that each housemate has been bombarded by an enemy from back home — to start a fight.

On tonight’s episode, Tyara, who’d finally made inroads with her Seattle housemates, experienced social relapse when a night out on the town went sour. All had begun well — the group danced together and shared some laughs at the club — but at one point, Tyara looked around and realized she’d been abandoned. Katrina had gone outside to smoke, and the others followed without notice.

And then, Tyara got pissed.

Back at the house, Tyara unleashed on the group, particularly Katrina and Theo. She said she’d put trust in her housemates and felt especially hurt because, yet again, she’d registered the events as an act of intentional exclusion.

“I left myself vulnerable to get to know all of you,” Tyara shouted as she continued to stew. “I’ve never had friends, and the one time I felt like I had friends, all of y’all f*cking left me…I don’t trust nobody.”

Katrina, for one, wasn’t willing to accept blame for Tyara’s hurt and argued that she’d done nothing wrong by slipping away for a cigarette unannounced.

“We’re supposed to be a family, but I’m not gonna be friends with Tya,” Katrina conceded. “I’m done. I’m not going to say, ‘Hey, I’m sorry.’ No, I’m not sorry. I didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to f*ck with me, I don’t have to f*ck with you. So, that’s how it goes.”

Still, Mike had more sympathy for Tyara and said he could identify with her loneliness.

“I get where she’s coming from, I really do -- it’s never fun to feel left out,” he said. “But I think she kind of blows things out of proportion a little bit.”

Finally, after a chance to sleep things off, Theo swooped in to comfort Tyara. He, above all others, had developed a connection with Tya and told her he had her back. Still, he admitted he could only position himself in her corner so many more times before even he’d grow exhausted.

“If T keeps getting mad like she is every time we go out in these random moments, I feel like it’s gonna get to a point where no one is trying to go out with her,” he said. “I hope it doesn’t get to that.”

Tyara ultimately responded to Theo’s olive branch and said she’d acknowledged she’d gone too far.

“I can have my childish moments; I can admit that,” she said. “I wish I expressed me being upset a little bit better, but it was truly a genuine feeling that I was upset about.”

So another argument has been squashed, but now that the housemates’ worst fears have been confirmed — and their enemies have each moved into the Real World house — it’s only a matter of time before another takes shape.

What do you think — is Tyara being overly sensitive and does she need to loosen up, or does she have reason to be upset and are her housemates slighting her? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to an all-new Real World next Wednesday at 10/9c!