Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Ryan Gosling Was This Close To Joining The Cast Of Gilmore Girls

Oy with the dreamboats already!

And to think, Ryan Gosling could’ve been one of the many brooding teenagers to win over the heart of Rory Gilmore.

On October 21, at the Gilmore Girls Fan Festival — a one-night event held in a town in Connecticut that’s basically the IRL Stars Hollow — a conversation with the casting pros behind the modern cult classic revealed that Gosling not only was brought in to read for a small part on the series, but completely and totally bombed his audition.

“I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blond,” said Jami Rudofsky, Gilmore Girls’ casting director, of Gosling’s initial tryout. She went on to recall how he was up for a “football character” on the show, and that when he came back for a proper audition, he failed to wow the casting couch: “Everyone was like, ‘Really, Jami?’”

The timeline as to when this audition took place isn’t clear, but it’s crazy to think that Gosling’s big break could’ve come from a quick scene at Stars Hollow High before The Notebook secured his heartthrob status in 2004.

Ah well. Things clearly turned out just fine for him, and both Gosling and Gilmore Girls are set to have a great fall: The reboot of the series hits Netflix on November 25, and Gosling’s La La Land has kicked Oscar chatter into high gear before its theatrical release on December 2.