Jessica Jones’s Second Season Will Be Directed Entirely By Women

Great news, or greatest news?

We may already have a villain for the second season of Jessica Jones, but we’ve got some huge news about the forthcoming episodes for Marvel’s Netflix hit: Jones isn’t just breaking necks, but breaking glass ceilings.

At the annual Transform Hollywood symposium on October 21, Melissa Rosenberg, the executive producer and showrunner of Jessica Jones, revealed that the director’s chair for each of Season 2’s 13 episodes will be filled by a woman.

Yup: Not only is Jessica Jones a supernatural superhero epic that features a badass woman, each installment of its next chapter will be directed by one as well. Meanwhile, Krysten Ritter is hitting the gym to make her return as the series’s titular character, and it looks like she’s taking a page from on-screen love Luke Cage’s playbook and borrowing his trainer:

Jessica Jones is set to return to Netflix in 2018; in the meantime, feast your eyes on the trailer for Marvel’s latest series, Iron Fist, which will premiere on March 17, 2017.