Lady Gaga Sings ‘A-YO’ In A Pokemon Mask In First Making Joanne Video

Get a behind-the-scenes look at her studio rowdiness

Monsters, rejoice: Lady Gaga’s fifth album arrived today (October 21), as did the first episode of her webseries, Making Joanne. As the title implies, it offers a behind-the-scenes look at the album’s creation, with the inaugural episode focusing on the rowdy cut “A-YO.”

In the nearly-three-minute video, we see Gaga and producer Mark Ronson whip up their magic in the studio while playfully teasing each other. After Ronson says that “A-YO” needs the same “danger” as his Bruno Mars collab “Uptown Funk,” Gaga laughs and says, “Yeah, I know it needs to be as good as fucking ‘Uptown Funk,' fuck you!”

We also get a revealing look at Gaga’s apparent studio must-haves: distressed Daisy Dukes, Fiji water, candles, a typewriter, and ... a Pokemon mask? Yep, even Gaga caught Pokemon fever in 2016, judging by that cute Fennekin mask and leopard-print cap with a Pokeball on it. The only cooler person in that studio was the horn player wearing his sunglasses inside. What a boss.