Team Offspring: Meet The Next Generation Of Challenge Competitors

These kids' parents all went after the big prize

The Challenge has been an MTV staple since 1998 -- way back when Eric Nies, Jon Brennan, Rachel Campos, Cynthia Roberts and Sean Duffy kicked off the unforgettable competitive adventure. Understandably, a handful of notorious contestants have moved on from the long-running series to begin their own families -- thus paving the way for a future batch of guys and gals to put it all on the line for all of the glory.

In honor of these Challenge survivors who are now proud parents, take a look at their precious offspring who could one day suit up and go for the big prize:

  • Hopefully, Atlas and Athena won't be rivals!

  • No exes for the foreseeable future -- right, J?

  • Sean Duffy and Rachel Campos-Duffy
    Sean Duffy's Facebook

    The Battle of the Seasons champ and his All Stars bride have their own team of potential MTV athletes (eight, to be exact!).

  • Hopefully, this little munchkin stays away from all breakables...

  • Theresa Gonzalez

    Maybe this cutie will be ready for battle like her tough-as-nails mama.

  • Do these little guys have what it takes to be cutthroat?

  • This kiddo could rule at competitions -- and maybe follow in her mom's legacy and give some of her fellow cast members a piece of her mind.

  • Susie Meister

    The three-time champ would most definitely pass on some winning tips to her son on how to succeed.

  • Darrell Taylor

    The Gauntlet, Inferno, Inferno II and Fresh Meat gold medalist could train these munchkins to follow in their papa's footsteps.

  • Robin Coulter

    Perhaps the Real World alum's two kiddos could finally bring a Challenge crown to the family name.

  • Carley Mundt

    Gotta love an underdog walking away with the highest honor -- and the Fresh Meat 2 vet's mini-me could do the very same.

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