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Gigi Hadid Covers Vogue Japan With Eyeliner So Perfect We Could Die

Adele would be proud

While the rest of us are deciding what Halloween costume to wear this year, Gigi Hadid has already embraced winter. Behold: Gigi on the December issue of Vogue Japan.

Though it’s hard to believe there’s an international edition of Vogue that Gigi hasn’t covered yet, this is, in fact, her first Vogue Japan cover; according to her Instagram, it’s also “one of [her] favorite cover stories.” With eyeliner even Adele would envy, who can blame her?

Though the cover is soft and light, the spread is a little darker. It features Gigi in a very Kardashian-approved look: corsets as outerwear.

You can peep a ton of the photos on Gigi’s Instagram and prepare for the issue to hit newsstands on October 28.